Updates & Purchase of eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard Inventory Software

December 3rd, 2010

Dear Users,

After release the latest eStockCard v3.1 (Business, Warehouse & Premier) which equipped with better features and cosolidated view of business warehouse inventory controls, we would like to inform you that:-

  1. We would discontinue the distribution of eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard effective 1st Dec 2010.
  2. The software update services for eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard will be provided for existing customers ONLY. We will email the software update links to existing customer whenever available. However this service will be discontinued after 1st December 2011.
  3. For existing eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard customers, we provide an attractive upgrade package exclusive for you:-
    • To upgrade your license(s) to eStockCard v3.1 Premier.
    • Upgrade Price is USD299.00 per site (regardless nos. of valid licenses).
    • Inclusive of Additional One (1) year supports (offsite technical support via Phone, Fax, email, remote internet access diagnosis, bug fix, software update if available).
  4. For existing eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard Free Edition Users, we would like to encourage you:-
    • to download and install the latest and superior eStockCard v3.1 Premier (Free Edition).
    • to use the data migration tool at eStockCard v3.1 Premier to migrate your data from eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard.
    • Please be note that the eStockCard v2.1.7 transaction data (such as SO, Picking, DO, Invoice) cannot be migrated into the eStockCard v3.1 Premier at the moment due to major data structure different.

We hope you enjoy the latest eStockCard v3.1 (Business, Warehouse, Premier) inventory software, and get you business inventory in control.